Staff and GM Bios

NELCO can only happen because of all of the work done by many, many people. The people listed here are the Con Staff, GMs, and Volunteers who make NELCO happen!


Nat Budin's Icon
Nat Budin
  • Website Team, Con Com
Nat Budin has been building and maintaining web applications for larp conventions for over a decade, including the applications behind the web sites for Intercon, Festival of the LARPs, SLAW, and Dice/Time Bubble.

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John Cooke
  • GM for: Bound in Blood
  • Little Boffer Con Coordinator, Con Com
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David Kapell
  • Website Team, Con Com

Dave has been larping since 1999, in both theatre and boffer (Realms, and then Accelerant). He's written a handful of theatre-style games, and run a handful of boffer events, as well some that are on the border between the two worlds. These include Multiplied Loyalties (Intercon D), Sam and Max hit the Afterlife (Intercon H, K), Blackout (Intercon J), and Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Intercon P)

Dave joined Intercon's Bidcom for Intercon E, served as Ops Head for J, was Con Chair for K and O, and the upcoming S and Hotel Liaison for L,M,N,P,Q and R. In addition, he created NELCO, NEIL's writing retreat for larp authors and participants, ran it the first two years, and has helped run it since. Dave has been on or advising the NEIL board since 2009 and has a particular interest in safe community building.

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Adina Schreiber
  • NELCO Coordinator, Con Com

NELCO 2018 Coordinator, NEIL board member, editor for Game Wrap (NEIL's publication), Proposal Com member, raffle coordinator, LARP blogger. Boffer and theater enthusiast, amateur costumer and set dresser, costume diva, Accelerant fangirl. Poison/fairy type Pokémon.

LARP magis LARP optimum.

Game GMs

Larisa Allen's Icon
Larisa Allen
  • GM for: Sound & Fury: Lament
Larisa first fell into LARPing during the early 90's rise of Mind's Eye Theater but left for the stronger pull of dance clubs and whiskey. They were reintroduced to LARPing by friends during the last shuddering breaths of Endgame and found NPCing in boffer games the most fun they'd ever had sober. "It's like being theater run crew but you get to hit your friends!" Although they've been known to PC now and then (Fifth Gate: Wrathborn and Threshold) they have the most fun when helping to make PCs just a little stressed out.

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Thomas Hansen
  • GM for: Sound & Fury: Lament
No bio provided

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Cory Hodge
  • GM for: Safeguard
No bio provided

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Tucker Le
  • GM for: Safeguard
No bio provided

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Albert Lin
  • GM for: Rabbit Run
No bio provided

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Sara Nagle
  • GM for: They-Ro and the Rulers of Perpetua
No bio provided

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Rachel Nations
  • GM for: CASH CASTLE!!™
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Cameron Betts
  • Con Com
Cameron has been running LARPs since the last century, and his preferences lean toward very few mechanics and just a smidge of lightheartedness. He believes that the most powerful thing in LARP is a connection with another character, and he hopes to produce games that will produce and enhance those connections, and that will avoid overshadowing or disrupting them.