Events at NELCO 2018

Friday, Jul 13

Friday Night Social

Fri 8:00pm

Come get together at the Minuteman Grill to talk about all things LARP, meet other LARPers and get ready for the panels and LARPs on Saturday.

Saturday, Jul 14

Bound in Blood — Larp

by John Cooke, Megan Coppock

Sat 10:00am

The war has raged for close to a decade, and its end is near. The enemy, who has been labeled the Tyrant by the Celestial Churches and the City States, is close to total victory. A desperate last gasp pits the remnants of the world’s heroes against time and a seemingly unstoppable enemy.

Safeguard — Larp

by Tucker Le, Cory Hodge

Sat 10:00am

Play a Creature trying to fight for their way of life against the humans who have betrayed them. An Accelerant-based boffer game.
Moderated discussion on bringing consent into low-transparency LARPs.
In this moderated round table discussion, we'll brainstorm ways to create more integrated characters for campaign LARPs and examine the pros and cons of various approaches.

Avoiding Erasure in LARP — Panel

Sat 12:00pm

A panel on avoiding erasure in LARP.

Genre Theory — Panel

Sat 12:00pm

A presentation on Genre Theory by Joseph Wiegartener.


Sat 1:15pm

Om nom nom.

Climaxes in LARP — Panel

Sat 2:15pm

A discussion about climaxes in LARP, moderated by Cameron Betts and Adina Schreiber.

Queer Narrative in LARP — Panel

Sat 2:15pm

A roundtable discussion on queer narratives in LARP moderated by Ben Books Schwartz.


by Rachel Nations and Brady Tatro

Sat 3:00pm

Welcome to the CASH CASTLE!!™, Debtors! CASH CASTLE!!™ is a 4-hour comedic dystopian game show boffer larp inspired by YA dystopian novels and reality TV game shows. Players will need to overcome physical challenges as well as the machinations of other contestants to come out victorious.

Sound & Fury: Lament — Larp

by Larisa Allen and Thomas Hansen

Sat 3:00pm

A coven of music-fueled magicians meets following the unexpected death of their leader. Where do loyalties lie, and what revealed secrets will affect alliances? S&F:L uses a version of the Accelerant boffer system for combat resolution.

Hour of Controversy — Panel

Sat 3:45pm

An hour of short talks about controversial ideas in LARP.
A moderated discussion about the strengths of Lit-form LARP.
A panel on the new system for sign-ups for Intercon, and how it will change our cultural norms around casting.

Workshops and Foreplay — Panel

Sat 5:15pm

A workshop about LARP workshops!


Sat 6:30pm


Rabbit Run — Larp

by Albert Lin, Zoe Eddy

Sat 8:00pm

In a desperate bid, the Rabbits have infiltrated the PryMor base for one last fight against the twilight of the human race and the Machines.

Strangers — Larp

Sat 8:00pm

Strangers is a non-combat blackbox LARP about immigration and refugees, where players explore the emotional experience of refugees and the people who they now must live among. In a 2-hour workshop players will develop charcater and culture before playing.

The Permission Space of LARP — Panel

Sat 8:30pm

A presentation by Joseph Wiegartner on the permission space of LARP.

Writing LARP for Kids vs. Adults — Panel

Sat 8:30pm

A roundtable discussion on running LARPs for kids, moderated by Ben Books Schwartz.
A discussion on PvP content in live combat campaign LARPs.

Welcoming New People — Panel

Sat 10:00pm

A roundtable discussion on welcoming new people into LARP, moderated by Ben Books Schwartz.

Social Time

Sat 11:15pm

Social time

Sunday, Jul 15

LARP Brunch

Sun 10:00am

Join us for brunch and LARP chat at a nearby restaurant on Sunday morning. Location: Moonstones in Chelmsford.