Tucker Le, Cory Hodge
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tucker DOT wolf AT gmail DOT com
  • Cory Hodge (heavyarmorpally AT gmail DOT com)
  • Tucker Le (tucker DOT wolf AT gmail DOT com)

Sat 10:00am- 2:00pm
Federal Room
NPC: 6 / 7 available
PC: 8 / 14 available

Once upon a time, Humans lived in fear and darkness -- Monsters and Creatures loomed over them. Eventually, the Creatures, beings of Power and Peace, took pity on them and nurtured Humanity, teaching them and helping them evolve. The Humans developed their civilizations side by side with the Creatures until they, with coldness in their hearts, cast the Creatures out into the world of the Monsters, beings of Power and Conflict that hold hatred of all living things deep in their hearts. A hundred years later, You are the Safeguard, a fighting force comprised of Creatures from varying backgrounds who have volunteered to protect the last bastion of Creature civilization from those that would wish to see its destruction. For a long time, things have been peaceful... but now, human adventurers have appeared at your gates, looking for Creature kills and loot. More disturbingly, the scryers have forseen that the Paladin, the right hand of the Human King, has rallied their banners and is marching in the direction of your gates. Do you have what it takes to protect your home and possibly stop an all out war which would mean the extinction of Creature-kind?

Content warnings

Persecution, possible torture scenes

Age restrictions


Participant communications

Email, casting forms, characters will be given weeks before game